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Tiana Laveen
Hear No Evil

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The Naughty Sins of a Saint -- Tiana Laveen

'The Naughty Sins of a Saint' - The erotic story of an eccentric, sexy, half Egyptian, half Korean sex therapist, turned world-renown author and public speaker who worships the ground black women walk on. It is the story of untapped potential, love, and truth with a paranormal, sensual twist. This book deals with heavy racial discussions and politics. The intimacy scenes are explicit and sprinkled through out the novel.

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When Saint Goes Marching In -- Tiana Laveen

"When Saint Goes Marching In"  - The sequel to, 'The Naughty Sins of a Saint'. In this novel, Saint’s marriage is put to the test in a way that seems unconscionable. It is the tale of testing love to the limit, trust, forgiveness and destiny. (Explicit sex scenes as well as detailed violence.)

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Saved and SAINTified -- Tiana Laveen

"Saved and SAINTified"  - (third novel of 'Saint series') – Saint must travel to Egypt to deal with a relative who wishes to turn his life upside down all in the name of power and control. Saint isn’t having it, but he must fight this nemesis at a hefty price.

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Swirled Satin Sheets -- Tiana Laveen

"Saint's Sacrament - Sins of the Father" - (fourth novel of 'Saint series') – In this fourth installment of the Saint series. Saint is head to head with two blasts from the past. This time, his wife’s ex-boyfriend and a long forgotten relative come out of the woodwork. Saint also learns more about his psychic abilities and how to utilize them, thus, finds out more about how to love and protect himself, as well as his family from those that wish to do them harm. Xenia and Saint, and their children, demonstrate what loving and sticking together at all odds, is truly about.

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Saint and Sinners -- Tiana Laveen

"Saint and Sinners" - (fifth novel of 'Saint series')

Dr. Saint Aknaten’s very soul is screaming to return to the city of his origins — New York. After living many years with his wife and three children in Los Angeles, he has grown weary of the West Coast lifestyle. He returns to his roots, believing he and his family can have a fresh go of it and that good times will be promised to them from here on out. Little does Saint know his hunger for the concrete jungle is not steeped in mere nostalgia and home sickness – no, there is a much larger picture at play and the artists painting the landscape are ones he simply cannot say no to.

He is thrust into an assignment, one that causes him serious pause, but in typical Saint fashion, he realizes he MUST step up to the plate. In so doing, he uncloaks the city’s dirty, hidden secrets — underground workings of Good and Evil — and unbeknownst to him, he is seated in the center of it. Worst of all, the enemy knows more about Saint than Saint at times knows of himself. All the while his family is going through tremendous changes and challenges that seem to have no end in sight. His children are maturing in age and their gifts, sometimes receiving painful life lessons. Xenia tries to keep her head above water at the side of her soulmate, husband, lover, father of her children, and Angel Child. This time, however, being by his side is simply not enough. The challenges roll in harder and more brutally, forcing Saint’s Queen to step in front of her man and take control of a situation that threatens their marriage…and even the world.

Saint has received a heaping helping of tough love from New York but realizes it is better to have loved and lost than to have never had the Big Apple kiss him at all. When is all said and done, who will wear the golden crown? Who will remain standing and who will be six feet under? And most importantly, will his Queen be there in the end to give him the love that he needs? Jump into the fifth installment of the “Saint” series to find out!

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Swirled Satin Sheets -- Tiana Laveen

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WARNING: This book contains adult content: profanity, explicit sexual descriptions and situations and delves into topics of religion, angels, demonology and the occult. Reader discretion is advised.

This is a double novel. Sometimes that means that there are two books released back to back. Other times, such as this, it means that it is essentially two books rolled into one. The page count is over 620 pages. Enjoy.

Please note: This is book 7 of a series (The Saint series). All of these books are stand-alone novels but are best read in order.

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