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Tiana Laveen
Hear No Evil

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The First Breath You Take -- Tiana Laveen

The First Breath You Take

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This is the story of a young half Hawaiian, half Croatian man who has awoken to a nightmare. Tanner’s life was turned upside down once Volcano Haleakala erupted and took away his family, and destroyed the place he called home, a sleepy town in Maui. His days become endlessly depressing as well as a continuous fight for survival until he accidentally runs across another survivor, Summer, a shop owner’s daughter who is hanging onto sanity by an ash covered thread. Little do either of them know that nothing short of fate could have brought the pair together. They quickly form a friendship, built on common recent occurrences, and a secret from their mutual pasts. Will Tanner and Summer be able to survive yet another obstacle in their way to claim the life they so deserve? Read, ‘The First Breath You Take’ to find out.

Romance. Intimacy. Love
Let’s get R.I.L

Thank you so much for visiting my spot! Please kick off your shoes, get comfy and allow me to get you a little something to drink.  Would you like tea? Wine? Or maybe some fresh squeezed lemonade? I have it all. After you are situated, please feel free to peruse my website and enjoy yourself.

I am an author who writes IR (interracial/multiracial) romance. My leading ladies are always black, and their love interests are typically a Rainbeau. (A Rainbeau is a ‘beau’ that dates outside of his race with intent to get to know her (bw), woo her, date her, take her home to mama and put a ring on it.) He is serious about his woman, period. Point blank.

My mission is to entertain and enlighten and to uplift black and African American women through stories for US and about US. Usually, these are romantic tales, but sometimes I may throw you an entirely different twist all together. I want you to understand that as a reader, I value you. I write my books because I need, not want, but need this creative outlet. Writing saved my sanity, and I met my muse through a trying time in my life. He came, we spoke, we are now married at the hip. (Yes, I have two husbands but please don’t tell my legal one with an actual heartbeat or he’d have a fit.) Anyway, I am sharing my work with you because I want you to have it, and I want you to enjoy yourself, and quite honestly, I want to make your day a bit brighter. That is my aim, and if I’m successful, then that puts a smile on my face as well. To me, that’s a win/win situation!

Life is challenging, unfair and sometimes absolutely cruel. Diving into a book that carts you away to somewhere else is like medication for your soul. That is what I am giving you…a round trip ticket to go somewhere with me that you haven’t been before and after you return home, you can hop aboard again, your visits are endless. The door is always open as long as you have a kindle, nook, smartphone, computer or paperback in hand.

So without further ado, would you please come on a journey with me? I promise to give you my very best and in return, all I ask is that you have sweet dreams…

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