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Tiana Laveen
Hear No Evil

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Swirled Satin Sheets -- Tiana Laveen

"Swirled Satin Sheets I"- an anthology (multicultural romance/erotica) – Three short stories. This book is perfect for those short on time, but wish to get a romantic read it. One of the stories involves love between a blue-collar man who falls for a woman that was only to be a one night stand. The next story in the book is a period piece, set in the 1970s. The third tale involves a Native American/Indian man who is the head of a motorcycle gang and pursues a resistant woman who thwarts his advances until he not only he has her, but he sacrifices a bit of himself to ensure that he keeps her…

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Swirled Stain Sheets II -- Tiana Laveen

"Swirled Satin Sheets II"- an anthology (multicultural romance/erotica) – Three short stories. This book, like the first, is perfect for those short on time but want to get the ‘romance’ fix. The first story is about an African American female race car star, who is being trained by a legend in his own right. The second story is about an East Indian man who falls helplessly in love with an African American woman from Chicago. They seem to be from two different worlds, but are put to the challenge of finding out just what they actually have in common. The third story deals with an ex-cop turned jewelry thief. His world completely changes when he sees a lovely black woman working the perfume counter in the mall. Will he change his bad boy ways in the name of love?

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